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Wire Wrapping at Brown Deer Library

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Wire Wrapping at Brown Deer Library

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, WGS members Denise Hohenfeldt, Mary Shellman and

Sue Eyre held a well-attended youth rockhound presentation, display and craft program

at the Brown Deer Library.

As the youth participants arrived with their parents and grandparents, they were greeted

with a display of various types of obsidian, fulgurite (a lightning-induced, fused sand &

glass specimen from Ed Fyrnys’ collection) as well as sample wire wrapped arrowheads

and shark teeth.

After a short PowerPoint presentation on obsidian and shark teeth, each participant

chose either an arrowhead or shark tooth to begin the craft portion of the program. With

the help of the WGS members and the youths’ adult companions, the young participants

from ages 6 to mid-teens learned the basics of simple wire wrapping. The finished

product was a pendant that each of the participants took home to wear or give as a gift.

One group made up of two young girls, their little brother, along with mom, dad and

grandma, planned to stop at a nearby craft store to buy some cording so they could

wear their pendants, before ending the excursion with a lunch of corn dogs and chili at


The program was deemed a success by both the Brown Deer Teen Librarian as well as

the WGS members. All of the groups who attended the program also took home

information about WGS and a flyer for our May 20-21 Hart Park Show.

At the end of the day, we were asked to think about doing another WGS youth program

for Brown Deer Library’s summer program.

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